educationWe need to ensure people receive the right advice and backing to get on the best route through education and more people involved in attaining the technical skills for manufacturing industries via degree equal status in non academic subjects and apprenticeships.

Scrap the target of getting ever increasing numbers of people into University make sure the University path is the right one for the individual, what good is a degree if it does not make that person employable nor does it lead to work.

We should actively encourage people to take a gap year pre University or equivalent to better prepare them for further education or training. Not a year to lounge about but to get involved in a range of credited projects that would give them real world experiences and broaden their horizons. This year out ought to enable individuals to better choose the path in life that is best for them.  It may be that they change their viewpoint and take a different career path.

Too many politicians have gone from education to political researcher or union official to MP thus largely bypassing a true and broad perspective of real life.

Too many employers complain of people with degrees that are not fully equipped to do the job.(see youth) and cite lack of employability skills such as communication, teamwork and attitude.

Better promotion of paid in-house training schemes for the professions and  professional apprenticeships as opposed to just University.

More trade apprenticeships are needed.

There needs to be a Youth Project in England deliver this, mixing both work experience (but not cheap labour schemes) and actual projects. (See Foreign Aid)

Too large a burden is placed on education by the recent uncontrolled immigration, both the numbers and translation costs.November 2014 a local school (Market Rasen where the population is 97% white) does not get top marks from Ofsted because of lack of ethnic minorities, (see article here)  Absolutely bonkers!

The Education system needs to be adequately prepared to cater for those who need to retrain during their working life in the changing workplace nobody should be consigned to the scrapheap because that work has gone.

Tuition fees need an urgent overhaul. 

Current estimates suggest 45 per cent of the £10 billion it spends on student loans each year will have to be written off, which is close to the 48.6 per cent threshold at which experts calculate that the government will lose more money than it would have saved by keeping the old £3,000 tuition fee cap.

Government figures project an outstanding student debt increase to more than £330 billion by 2044, which is alarming if you look at the USA were they have a student loans black hole of 1.2 trillion dollars.

Education needs to include our country’s real history not selected snippets especially as 2015 sees the anniversaries of the Viking Invasion (1,000), Magna Carta (800), First English Parliament (750), Agincourt (600), Last battle on English soil at Preston(300), Waterloo(200), Dunkirk(75), VE Day(70), and Churchill’s death (50).

Essential that exercise and sports activities are part of the education programme.

Greater support needed for those with learning and/or physical difficulties.