dongIt is vital that we have a truly robust energy supply to support both the public, business and industry. We urgently need to take steps now (I can remember the 3 day week in 1974.)

We need reduce the high cost of Gas, Electricity and Water to consumers, no wonder these energy supply companies are seen as cash cows to be bought by  predator companies from overseas.

That means we have to cut the green tax. We need to be careful and realistic with the heavily subsidised green solutions that create as many or more problems than they are credited as solving.

No more land turbines should be built.

Need to use a range of solutions to ensure a consistent energy supply and look properly at:
The new Mini nuclear reactors stationed individually or in a daisy- chain near a town or city that offer a simpler solution than big nuclear generating plants bedevilled by problems.   This  gives a short supply line with reduced transmission costs.

How coal powered stations which are still critical to maintaining our power supplies can be further improved using new technology that ensures cleaner emissions.

Shale Gas production by fracking needs to be fully assessed.
Greater research into and use of Tidal and Geo-Thermal energy.

We need to take a more holistic view – is the country energy efficient?
Not the households and businesses that have been subjected to a barrage of help and advice.But practices and policies in general e.g. treating London as the centre of the universe and funnelling people and businesses similarly to Heathrow / Gatwick. Further exacerbating this by adding even more subsidised developments to the already congested major cities. The focus should be on spreading the load, reducing the problems thus creating a fairer distribution of opportunity and prosperity.

Ridiculously insufficient use of regional airports.

Far too many goods go up and down or across the country before being sold or used. Which if even partially addressed properly would offer major fuel savings and further reduce the hidden associated costs such as infrastructure maintenance.