Foreign Aid

Needs an urgent review

Money, Food and other supplies are siphoned off by corrupt officials on an enormous scale. In particular Africa.foreign-aid

It is ridiculous that we send in millions of pounds in Foreign Aid  to India whilst they spend millions on a Space Programme yet the country has rampant poverty.

Actions Needed
Urgent review of the entire foreign aid budget

Repeal the percentage of our GDP (0.7%) that is given as foreign aid, set a lower budget figure and make sure it is both cost effective and delivers at the point of need. Otherwise the costs will continue to spiral as the problems are not resolved.

More should be done for those suffering in countries that need aid to Help them to help themselves instead of the repetitve cycles of aid packages. This should be the main thrust of our foreign aid programme and would offer lasting solutions and should be a condition of our aid.

The emphasis on food and money should be on a short term basis unless there is a  genuine emergency or disaster situation.

Make some of the aid funding conditional on their acceptance of a prison building programme  so that  criminals currently in our jails could be sent back. (13% of our prison population are foreign nationals).

Form a Civilian Volunteer Corps to bring expertise to the problem, get people in on paid secondment from business and arrange funding plus official crediting for others.

It should involve some of those youths that are taking a year out and some of those freshly graduated or qualified people. Here is a chance to gain real world experience not just of the problem first hand but how it is resolved. These people will then have added value in the employment market.

Throwing supplies and money at the problem is not the answer, nor is it cost effective or beneficial to those at the point of need.