housing 1At one end of the market more affordable housing is needed and help is necessary for the young to get onto the housing ladder.

At the other end many over 50’s who want to move into housing more practical for their needs rather than the common assumption of wanting to downsize are severely limited and often prevented by the lack and choice of retirement housing. (75% of those 60 plus own their homes). Those wanting to downsize are similarly prevented and this then blocks the release of larger homes onto the market.

The way forward would be helped by:
Permitting some green belt development on the condition of turning brownfield sites in greenbelt on an acre for an acre basis.
Government aid for developing difficult urban brown field sites (which often means less travel) thus removing local eyesores and include assistance for first time buyers.

Building of more retirement homes, hotels and retirement villages that better fit the aspirational needs of the over 50’s who are not necessarily cash poor.

Making sure enough of the right type of homes are built that enable people who are living longer but still want to be independent can do so..

Scrapping Bedroom Tax which was ill conceived and is clearly not working.

Removal of death duties / inheritance taxes to allow finance for offspring to buy housing in general.

Stamp Duty changing to a  more rational format with rates payable for the percentage of the band that applies, plus raise the starting threshold to £500,000.

Armed Forces housing:

Build better quality housing for the serving forces families. Build and adapt accommodation for the long term injured personnel that is fit for their needs and allows them to live a normal as possible family life.

Proposed Mansion Tax:

What is its purpose?

What level would it be set at? What would the revenue be? What would the running cost be?

If implemented would only create another unworkable mess. Set too low it would hit many of the major cities who have high property values.

Taxing the rich too heavily drives people away e.g. In France where they simply upped sticks and came to England.