In my mind there is no doubt that Great Britain over the centuries, and until recently has benefited enormously from immigration and this helped make Great Britain Great. Their contribution has been invaluable and many have made the ultimate sacrifice with their lives for their new country.

Grimsby was a transit stage for those leaving Central Europe bound for America via Ellis Island. (Pre First World War.)

There was a common theme of integration whilst maintaining their own culture and having a strong work ethic. Some came from other countries having being deprived of their families, wealth and belongings, but managed to build themselves up from scratch.

However, the unfettered and poorly regulated mass immigration of the last  ten years undermines this. The sheer numbers for an already relatively overcrowded small island is untenable. This is exacerbated by little knowledge of the English language, limited work skills and no assets. We now have a situation whilst still in economic recovery mode, of having a serious drain on our countries resources. Translation costs are astronomical right across the board, at least £1.5 million was spent by NHS maternity services alone in 2013-14.

The UK cannot sustain uncontrolled immigration and those immigrants here are not best served by it. The knock on effect of uncontrolled immigration has a long term effect for all our services and the country at large.

Such facts as higher birth rates of the immigrant families, and the inevitable increase in costs such as translation, benefits and healthcare are all of concern.

All of these issues affect our economy and will need to be budgeted for carefully otherwise we face  the real risk of jeopardising our future national economic wellbeing.

We must regain control of our borders as a matter of urgency. We must drastically limit numbers coming in with a robust immigration policy. This should include work contracts, financial means to support themselves, and be subject to a criminal record check. If allowed in under false information this should result in automatic deportation.

Set up a deportation transport system until it is deemed not financially viable due to the situation being rectified. Only then, as matters settle can we think of increasing the numbers but still in a controlled robust manner. (We must look at other countries immigration  policies e.g. Australia)

There needs to be a system of exit checks so we actually know who is in the country – count them in and count them out.

This will need to be done via exiting the EU (see Europe).

It is inevitable the tide of immigrants will not cease immediately, so we need to act now.

All recent legal immigrants need to be properly integrated. This must include learning the English language.

Those here illegally need to be deported as soon as possible, those receiving custodial sentences should be deported on release or arrangements made to serve their time in their own country and be excluded from future entry to the UK.

Those who are already in custody should be subject to the same process. Arrangements to serve their sentence in their own country should be considered including payment as it is often cheaper for us to pay their country to be the host prison for us.