My background

I was born in Canada to a Grimsby mother of old Grimsby stock returning to the town when just over 6 months old.

Lived in Grimsby town ever since with memories back to my life when in my 2’s.
Schooled at Edward Heneage; Worsley; Yarborough both infants and junior; Grimsby Technical Secondary (House Captain and founder of their rugby team) and then Grimsby Institute/Hull University later in life.

Lived in Willingham Street, Pasture Street, Algernon Street, St Ives Crescent, Ainslie Street and now live within the Yarborough Ward all of which are within Great Grimsby.

Went to St Michael’s/ St Alban’s/ St Hugh’s youth clubs.

Joined St James scouts, confirmed at St James Church. Was a Server at St James Church (now Grimsby Minster) and occasionally at St Albans.

Worked at Dewhurst Butchers depot after school, Saturdays and school holidays spending time in production, distribution and in the retail outlets gaining an appreciation of the butchery trade.

Worked as Fish Merchant on Grimsby Docks under the Frank Foster tally until falling out with my stepfather. (The fish sales ran from the Pneumonia End to the Herring Jetty, with 21,000 kits landing on a Monday – a wonderful sight). Used the barrows with a number of 10st kits on board –  that’s an experience not forgotten easily.

Have worked on both the local refineries in a specialist trade capacity.

Have experienced severe flooding twice.

Was on and about the Flixbrough disaster site all day on the Sunday while attached to the BBC, a time when they were still recovering some bodies.

Worked overseas in Bahrain; Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Traded in Freeman Street as Tropicana Sunbeds (Domestic and Specialist Commercial sales) for 23 years. Vast majority of local salons my customers and oil rigs supplied.

Was a committee member of the Grimsby Chamber of Trade.

Was Chairman of Freeman Street Traders Association (FSTA)

Was an original member of the Grimsby Business Crime Group in 1997.

Member of the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) for last 27 years.

Formed what is now NELBAC(North East Lincolnshire Businesses Against Crime) in 1998. This is a thriving independent Business Crime Reduction Partnership.

Nursed a dying mother at home. Been a carer for my stepfather and helped him on the long path overcoming his grief.

Took on the role as Operations Manager for NELBAC.  (If elected it will be left in safe hands and I know will continue to flourish whilst maintaining its independent status).

Spend time out in the streets of our town, and have no problem engaging with people with problems especially drug users but have no problem with deterring/detaining them myself when necessary whilst still keeping their respect.

I have I believe a rather unique perspective across the full Criminal Justice System
allowing a full understanding how it works or seeing where it breaks down.

Founder member of Yorkshire and Humber Partnerships Against Crime (YHPAC).

The founder of the Business Crime Intelligence Sharing Alliance (BCIS.A),  a sub national group.

Sat on numerous Safer Community groups locally covering a wide range of topics including domestic violence and safer taxis.

Been involved with business crime throughout England, Scotland and both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Was rated in the top 10% of users for Linked In, and have an eclectic  list of contacts.

My background reflects a well rounded life with Grimsby in my blood. I have certainly lived in the real world and have experienced both good and bad times.

I have always been blessed with boundless energy and I am told I have a dogged determination to achieve my goals and a knack for ferreting out information.

When sure of my facts I will certainly take on anybody no matter what status.

I have no interest in any seat but Grimsby now or ever.

If given the peoples mandate I intend to translate that to being a very active and effective MP for Great Grimsby.