My vision

Strong fiscal control of both the government and the private sectors, because without this the rest is severely compromised and we all suffer.

Regain control:
 Of our national affairs instead of being dictated to by unelected officials overseas. (Otherwise why elect a national government that cannot do its true job).
Of our borders, which is of paramount importance and blessed as an island nation that  should be more than manageable.
Of our offshore assets including fishing.

Forge greater ties:
With the commonwealth countries, India, China, and the Americas. (Whilst still trading with Europe.)

Defend our island nation, its peoples and interests.

Bureaucracy substantially wherever possible including Quangos. (Bureaucrats provide a vital role but do not create income).

Equal access to education be it academic or vocational and equal status to degrees for proper skilled trade qualifications. The means for talent to prosper, hard work to be properly rewarded and personal betterment is encouraged.

Create, support and nurture an environment that will allow:
The creation of more private sector manufacturing jobs thus creating real wealth,
a safe and secure environment for all the family to live, work and play.
A safe and secure environment in which to trade for both visitors, customers and staff equally for the day and night time economies ( in reality the same economy in a 24/7 world)

A safety network to help those in real need whatever that may be.

The culture of those wilfully taking from the system that are able but have not or will not contribute to society.

Be realistic:
And not underestimate the future effect and costs of the recent uncontrolled immigration and expanded population that will impact on the economy for decades to come.

Common Theme that runs through my policy pages

We need to realise:
We are a relatively small island that has a dense population when compared to other countries whose practices and policies need to change if prosperity is to reach to every part of the country. Past actions mean we have large areas of the country poorly served at the expense of big projects. Which of course means they are less attractive for inward investment and jobs which then perpetuates highly concentrated pockets of wealth, jobs etc. that then drains the areas of talent further adding to that areas prospects. A truly vicious cycle that creates problems both equally in the wealthy thriving areas and in the disadvantaged areas. It is a no brainer that an unequalled distribution of wealth and prospects builds up problems for the future.

We can start to address this by opening up the regions thereby relieving the strains and congestion down the spine of the country and in the large conurbations.