National Security

gchq 1The National Security of the UK and Territories plus Northern Ireland must be defended by the use all our assets against all and any aggressor or terrorist.
In order to do this we need  our armed forces to be both strong and modern plus well resourced.

Supported by a strong system of intelligence gathering both overseas as well as at our points of immigration and emigration.
Further supported by increasing the number of customs officers and immigration officers that are provided with the right tools for the job such as a biometric tracking system for all immigrants.

It is a no brainer that we know who is in the country, where they are and when.
We cannot continue with armed forces that are over composed of ‘Top Brass’ yet short of frontline staff.
In light of the unresolved independence argument in Scotland we need to ensure we have contingency plans regarding:
1.)  The basing of our nuclear fleet at Faslane.
2.)  The dockyards that build our naval fleet.

All those serving in the armed services and their families should have a good standard of housing when outside any theatre of operations.(see Housing)
Create a Veterans Service (VS – similar to the USA) to look after all the needs of our ex-service personnel and those coming back from active duty. (Medical after care; housing; retraining, rehabilitation and re integration back into civilian life).
Post traumatic stress plus failing to adapt to civilian life means far too many are not properly looked after as evidenced by the growing numbers in our prison population. Earlier intervention should drastically reduce that number as well as the financial and associated costs. Additionally there are the other issues of the impact to their families. The costs thus saved help offset cost of the VS

Create a Veterans loans system as part of the VS remit.
Look at changing the points system for social housing to help those in the armed services.