The need to sustain the viability of the NHS has never nhsbeen greater, but equally we have to face the fact that we have  a rapidly expanding population coupled with both longer life spans and more expensive treatments. Over the horizon we have an expected rise in the birth rate so we need to start the process in earnest.

The NHS is consistently dealing with patients who are more acutely ill with complex needs and who are becoming more resource intensive and expensive to treat.

In trying to manage the ever increasing flow of patients, hospitals have successfully decreased the average length of stay. But readmissions are increasing, some of which do not really need their treatment in actual hospital wards.

Nearly two thirds of people admitted to hospital are aged over 65 years of age, many being frail and having other problems.

There needs to be effective alternatives to hospital admission that are available seven days a week and to which even the most complex cases can be transferred for further care.

Supported by integrated services, providing individuals with the care and support they require, in the most appropriate care settings, and at the right time.

It has been said up to 40% of patients who die in hospital – could have potentially been cared for elsewhere (including in their own homes).

It is essential treatment is free at point of use but not for NHS tourists
Reduce Agency nurses and Locum costs. Reduce dependency on all Agency staff.         New Training Programme to produce more nursing/medical staff, our overuse of overseas medical staff actually deprives many of their home countries of such staff.
Achieve a better ratio of actual practitioners to managers.

Pilot scheme that makes it mandatory for all GP’s to undertake several shifts per month in A&E departments so they fully appreciate the demands made on the NHS whilst also enriching their skills. This could also provide a vital screening service for the A&E units which have now become too much All & Everything units.

Take all possible steps to eradicate patients receiving treatment in parked up ambulances outside A&E departments.

Reform the NHS 111 service, it needs to based around medically qualified staff not just a call to handlers with a helpline script.

Reduce bed blocking that causes so many holdups especially that caused by  poor support in the local community. More use of half way wards/stations for those awaiting discharge but do not need full ward treatment.

Better engagement with housing associations and others to facilitate discharge and resettlement in the community. Coupled with specialist housing and support that enables older people, and those living with long term conditions and other health issues, to live independently.

Get a better price from the drug companies/suppliers whilst allowing fair funding for research/development costs.

Seek reimbursement for treatments for injuries caused:
1. when out socialising whilst under the influence of alcohol or substances including so called legal highs.
2. resulting from not wearing a seat belt.
3. by accidents at work due to health and safety breaches.

Free hospital parking for nurses

Expensive equipment ought to be used for longer hours and non-emergency treatment should be available evenings and weekends. Thus allowing those people needing  regular NHS appointments  to work and still receive treatment without jeopardising their work prospects.

Look at ways of increasing income by providing fee paid services to
1. Business e.g. health checks.
2. The general public who are able and happy to pay e.g. MoT type health screening  checks
Why should the public sector make a profit then people receive NHS treatment paid for out the public purse?

The National Lottery should be a mechanism for supporting the NHS, Hospices and the bona fide organisations that both underpin them and help provide a support network in the community. It is called the NATIONAL LOTTERY let it truly be national and support the nation, so when the licence is up for renewal change the conditions to achieve this. Run on behalf of the people for the people but not run by Government.


It is ludicrous that operations for obesity related issues (some self inflicted) drain so much of the resources of the NHS when prevention/education could be used more.

Too many dubious cosmetic operations are paid for by the taxpayer further diverting precious NHS resources and creating unnecessary backlogs.

Princess Diana Hospital Grimsby
It is vital to ensure our existing services/departments stay here particularly A&E.

Free hospital parking for NHS nurses.

Holistic approach is needed to ensure:
Adjoining land assets are not disposed of in a haste to realise funds without real consideration for the future.
Could other agencies/associated medical services be relocated in the grounds to mutual benefit? Respite Home, Well Woman centre, Living Longer centre, Medical Research centre, Armed Forces centre, Department from our local University, Dental practice, Student accommodation.

Consider building housing in the grounds for retirees who have regular need of treatment.