Over 50’s

overThe Over 50’s are an ever growing part of our society and they must not be put on the scrap heap. They are a rich seam of knowledge, experience and have a tremendous collective skill set with most more willingly to engage.

Nobody who wishes to work should be discriminated from working simply because of age. A large number wish to work in a part time role which helps to keep them both active and healthy. Surely a real benefit to society and the national purse.

Let’s tap this deep seam and use it to enrich our society using those who have worked in the real world to give the youth of today a more rounded education.Too many youths of today are drawn to a variety of stars as role models.

Create a national programme to get over 50’s to go into schools talking to children of their experiences and careers. With financial assistance where required.
Get trades people giving demonstrations, talks or explanations of their particular trade.
Get them leading a tour around their old factories to a manageable groups.

It may be that their area of expertise is a hobby they are talking about or demonstrating.
It may be they have suffered disablement while defending their country, but they can still teach the youth about triumphing over adversity etc.

There needs to be adequate provision across the board for this age group who have contributed to society and paid their dues. It may be they have a family member(s) who has made the ultimate sacrifice with their very lives.

If tax has been paid on money put into pensions there should be no tax on that sum when drawn. The only tax (if any) should be on the difference.
It is ludicrous that death duties are paid on anything that is already been subject to tax.

It is insane that in this day and age that older people can get and may die from Hypothermia in their own accommodation.

A Minister for Senior Citizens needs to be created, the number of people 60 plus in the UK is now larger than those under 18.  Their Pension, Housing and Health issues are going to be a ever more important area for both the government and the economy.

Grandparents need access to grandchildren when couples separate or divorce.