A good fully functioning transport infrastructure is crucial to the economic wellbeing of the nation.

HS2 &HS3.HS3
Thirty minutes or thereabouts quicker to London – wow! (Again, funnelling people to a London-centric economy.)
Who is really benefitting from this? HS2 is not planned to be properly connected to many towns and cities even though it stops nearby.

Whilst a good infrastructure is essential for the prosperity of the country these grandiose expensive projects leave vast tracts of the country with a poor rail system The problems of crowded trains, poor rolling stock, rolling stock hijacked for other areas, non-electrified lines  and poor links  still affects many, very much a scenario  of not really bringing prosperity to every part of our country. This is exacerbated by better rail offers to those in areas already reasonably well served. We are used to first and second class travel but for many the reality is in effect third class.
Those in the regions are poorly served and charged more for it, this needs to change.

Reasonable train service necessary for the full Christmas period, that allows people to visit  and celebrate with their loved ones but allows a return journey to meet work commitments. (Written into franchise agreements so people are not stranded or forced to drive on Boxing Day. It is ridiculous to have a full sports programme/ big city sales and only a few trains).

Locally: No loss of our present services but a Direct train service from Grimsby to London is needed and this would also foster economic growth in the area.

Far too London-centric again.
Not enough emphasis on using the main regional airports or other regional airports.
Higher costs including overnight stays for many this then is fuelling congestion, greater emission problems and greater infrastructure maintain costs.
Expand regional airports, ensure they are linked to the rail/ road networks.

New Airports

Proper consideration given to the London Britannia plan including its variants in the Thames Estuary. But any expansion of Heathrow limited to the ‘HUB PLAN‘ of a runway extension.

Large areas of the country poorly served at the expense of big projects. Which of course means they are less attractive for inward investment and jobs which then perpetuates highly concentrated pockets of wealth jobs etc. That then drains the areas of talent further adding to that areas prospects. A truly vicious cycle that creates problems both in the wealthy thriving areas and in the disadvantaged areas. It is a no brainer that an unequalled distribution of wealth and prospects builds up problems for the future.
Scrap the Humber Bridge tolls completely after all it is part of the national road network that happens to go over water.

More funding is needed for local authorities to repair and maintain roads.

Eastern Seaboard
Extend the M11 to connect up with the M180/Humber transportBridge opening up the Eastern seaboard to new economic prosperity thereby relieving the strains and congestion down the spine of the country. Good link to Stansted and Felixstowe plus construction offers employment. Also giving a link with the London Gateway development and any future Thames Estuary projects.

(N.B. North of the Humber there are links to take it to the North East and beyond).
Link it with special clusters of industry/science parks and housing possibly even a new garden town(s). Build a new prison and/or work camp in Lincolnshire.

Consider running:
1.)  Rail lines along part of it to improve the existing network.
2.)  Oil pipelines and electricity transmission cables alongside.

Yes it would a long term big project but the quicker we start the quicker the benefit is felt plus there would be significant employment prospects involved. It’s past time this region benefited from a serious project and when completed would add real benefit to the nation. Better option than upgrading the A1.

Scrap Road Tax (VED) on motor vehicles not just the discs.
Put a little extra on fuel. Those who use the road then pay for that use.

Fuel costs to the public need to be robustly monitored, it goes up in a flash and down like a tortoise, (Why does fuel cost more in Grimsby with two top refineries on our doorstep than in Lincoln and elsewhere, it bears no relation to costs incurred and everything to what they can get away with).
Replace tax discs with insurance discs then the public would know which vehicles are uninsured (not just the police.)

We need to look at using the canal system better and the use of inshore shipping.
The problem and expense of travel/holidays in the summer school break needs to be addressed.