Voters views

Some views from the public during my canvassing campaign.

Dear Sir
Thank God for someone who wants to put Grimsby first.
A lot is said but I believe you mean what you say.
I am eighty eight did not know what to do till I got your leaflet.
My postal vote will be for you I have never been so certain before, but I think a grimmy at last is going to show what he thinks and believes in.
Wish you the best in your fight.
I remain a humble supporter of what you believe in
Yours Faithfully Mrs P A………..
Wish you all the best God Bless You. a breath of fresh air.
postmarked 13/03/2015  (card in envelope)

“Well May 7th is polling day. I had decided that i wasn’t voting because as far as i was concerned, whoever won, it would be a disaster because i had no overall respect for any main party, then last week a leaflet dropped through my door that made me think again. It was a leaflet outlining the political aspirations of the Independent candidate Gary Calder a local man with local interests.
Gary feels passionate about local issues and he put his own money where his mouth is to stand. For anybody who is interested in knowing more about his policies look him up at, one of Gary’s aims is for us to have our own fishing limits fishing that would help Grimsby and lead to more sustainable fishing.
Let’s face it the glory days of 3 week trips to Iceland will never return but with strong localised management we can consolidate what is rightfully ours. Hope more people think like me can offer Gary support and instead of just bleating on about how the town as gone downhill and how shameful the channel 4 programme Skint was let’s get behind a man with genuine selfless local interests”.
Posted 26/04/2015  Mr Jim Johnston

15/01    HI Gary, Good Luck time we had someone with a bit of backbone.
Best Wishes, NM

9/02   I am gonna keep it short and sweet. Good luck with the election. I like your ideas and principles and you most certainly have my vote. PB

12/02  I found out about you when your leaflet was posted through our door. It was very eye catching and well structured. then after reading that i went to your website to find out more. FE

3-03  Well done Gary great leaflet, everything in it we agree with, got my leaflet from a friend in yarrow road she hasn’t voted for years says she will vote for you  DC

19/03   Hi Gary, We received your Prospectus as an Independent Candidate ; my Wife and I are so relieved that there is at least one honest, realistic  spokesperson who is prepared and willing to put their public ‘weight’ for Grimsby. Needless to say, you will be getting our votes at the General Election! We look forward to hearing more of your exploits ,in due course, Happy Hunting!  Regards, D

24/03  Hiya Gary, I’ve never voted in my life and I’m 52, I will support you as long as you stick to your guns    regards,deb

26/03   Wishing you every success. I’m pleased your leaflet came today as I was wondering who the Independent was. You can count on two votes from here.
Good Luck DS

29/03  Hello Gary,    I have just received your informative letter and I am deeply inspired by your heart felt words. (ME TOO.) I am fed up with politics and believe there is no real difference between any party, (ME TOO.) I do not trust any politicians.   But, I do trust you Gary.   G

12/04   You’ve got my vote, party politics needs to be destroyed for good!  Regard, Dave

13/04   Having seen you interviewed on TV a few days ago, I thought I’d send you a quick message to wish you the best of luck in the campaign.
It’s very refreshing to see Independent candidates standing, who are genuinely passionate about making a difference for their local community.
Unfortunately, I don’t live in Grimsby so will be unable to vote for you, but will keep an eye out for the result.
Kind Regards Matt Thornton – Norwich, Norfolk