Why Independent?

Fed up with politics?
Not a real difference between any political party?
Don’t trust politicians?

So, I have decided to stand as an INDEPENDENT candidate for Great Grimsby in the 2015 General Election, because I want to make a difference and I care.

I am a Grimbarian brought up in the town, schooled in the town, worked in the town, traded in the town, live in the town and I’m affected by the same problems in Grimsby as everybody else.

I spend a lot of time actually out and about in the town. I use the buses, I use the trains, I use our NHS hospital etc. I have a vast knowledge of Grimsby covering a very broad spectrum.

The disconnect between the people and the ‘Westminster elite’ has never been greater.     An Independent MP can make a difference if really active.

I am from the real world, I’m  not a career politician, nor an outsider popping in, nor have a desire to represent vested interests, I want to represent the people of Grimsby with a strong voice championing the town. Putting Grimsby First. Not the party whip, but an allegiance to Grimsby and Parliament only.  With the question ‘How the matter would actually affect Grimsby’ in mind.

I fully realise that it is difficult for an Independent without party funding, but I am blessed with a dogged determination (some might say Grimsby Grit) and a  high energy level.

I fully intend to do my utmost to get elected as Grimsby MP and it will be my money I am spending in trying to do so. Therefore I am hoping you’ll support me in achieving this and will be spending the short time between now and May 7th 2015, putting my case forward to represent you and Grimsby.