young people 1There is  need for greater engagement with and from all levels of society for todays youth.

 It is vital for the country’s wellbeing that the aspirations and hopes of our youth are aided and not extinguished early on in life. Otherwise we risk losing any valuable contribution from them with the inevitable problems and cost to the public purse to follow.

School to dole is a disheartening prospect

It is important that the older generation passes on their knowledge, skills and experience.

Those retired need to be encouraged to:
Visit schools at all levels as part of their education process to pass this on.
Take on mentorship roles not just for career interests but to widen their education in general. That gives them more information to decide their career path.

The youth element of our population need to realise:
Our youth are an important part of our country and equally they have a responsibility  that goes along with that.
We all get the society we deserve and that the action of one has an impact on others.

Enjoy your youth, cherish your experiences, remember others including those less fortunate in life and mature into somebody who has pride in yourself, is proud of your country and the country is proud of you.

The decline in taking up Saturday jobs that used to be a rite of passage and an important introduction to work for youngsters is a shame.

Too many employers complain of people with degrees that are not fully equipped to do the job.(see education) and cite lack of employability skills such as communication, teamwork and attitude.

There needs to be a national youth programme that gives them work projects that then enhance their CV’s and I think the big companies can play an important role here. A cheap labour scheme is definitely NOT what is required.
This could involve a work programme overseas.